Current Customer Testimonials

I am having some dental work done on April 19th, and will be using my AmeriPlan at that time. My savings will be $200 …. Yeah!

Janis, TX

I’ve used the program! That is why I got it. All three family members are now going to the same dentist. The Dentist is doing alright as well, he’s gotten a total of four new patients out of it – since a friend of my father’s is going there as well. No one likes going to the dentist, but I have to say, your plan makes is less painful.

Sandra, Florida

I am thrilled with your plan and have already been to the dentist. I am telling my friends how great the discount was! I saved $530. Amazing!

Kathy, TX

We have already got a dentist in town that accepts Ameriplan® Dental. We are in good health and take care of ourselves, and we refuse to pay for the very expensive insurance plans!

Thanks to you, Ameriplan® we have found a discount plan that is just as good as are previous plan! Thanks!!!

D.C., Oklahoma

We have used the service for my wife’s dentistry needs and we are very, very statisfied with the results and savings.

Bill & Marie, OK

I am very happy with my dental membership from Ameriplan®. I go to my provider – Bright Now Dental. We’ve saved a lot of money. It’s wonderful to have this available to us!


I have been using my Ameriplan® discount benefits for dental and medical
both and have saved money – it has been a huge impact. I would like to
contact you so I can start my own Ameriplan® home business selling and using
the benefits. Let me know when to call!

W. MC, Maryland

So far, I’ve used AmeriPlan for dental and eye work. It’s been very nice.

WmT, Texas

I went to my dentist and had a root canal last
week and I will be going for another one Friday. Great dentist and office
staff! In fact it was the receptionist that told me about your plan so I
could save money over the current plan I had. Ameriplan® saved be around $600.

Thanks Again,

Alan, Washington

Ameriplan® has allowed me to take care of my teeth when I couldn’t have with just the plan offered by the government. Thank you for offering a discount plan for those of us who otherwise couldn’t have even afforded to walk in the door of a dentist.

Bruce, Georgia

It’s been a big benefit to our
family when we saved over $1,000 On braces!
It’s great that our orthoditics provider was on the list, he is a wonderful provider so we are very happy with the service and the savings!

Mellisa, California

I love Ameriplan® … I currently have the dental plan for my entire family, and have actually used it …. I have saved hundreds of dollars just on the dental work I needed for myself, and when I took my 2 yr. old son to his first dental visit, it would have cost me over $186, but with Ameriplan®, I only paid $80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who could not love this plan??? It’s better than any dental insurance I had in the past! Not to mention your website, which is very informative and helpful, and the great customer service is just a phone call away!
Thank you for being so great,

Allison, Texas

My regular dental insurance didn’t even cover braces! And the train wreck of teeth in my son’s mouth would make any orthodontist salivate! A new BMW, perhaps a trip to Hawaii for the lucky doctor!

Luckily, I had been smart enough to sign up for Ameriplan®. They helped me locate a very qualified Orthodontist close to my home. And the price quoted to me, after the Ameriplan® discount, was over $2000.00 less! $2000.00! Wow! Now I’m the one thinking of a trip to Hawaii!

Thank you Ameriplan®!

Kimberly, Missouri

Ameriplan’s® Dental plan has saved me over $1,000 in the past year on braces over and above what my dental insurance was paying. My younger children will need them soon, so thank you Ameriplan®! The savings just keep adding up.

VJ, Ohio

I have no insurance. I already signed up and got a ton of discounts. I would have lost my teeth if not for Ameriplan®.


My dental insurance maxes out at $1,500 a year and I had a need for a lot of major work so I decided to add Ameriplan® and I have found a great dentist located very close by and I already had an appointment – the day after signing up! Ameriplan® is saving me a TON of money!!!

I tell everyone how great Ameriplan® is, and some people don’t believe me! It’s very frustrating, but it’s their loss.

I look forward to the new membership materials to see what’s changed since we last belonged.

Carol, Oregon

have began using my plan and like my savings very much. I have used it for my chiropratic visits and saved each time. Thank you again. Cedric

Cedric, NC