How Dentists Market Their Services

Dentistry is a growing trend among young professionals, and will continue to increase as the baby-boomers retire. With renewed interest in dental practices and dentistry careers, how are dentists marketing their services these days? There are many ways dentist market their services, and understanding these approaches will also help consumers to make good choices.

In the old days, when most people had health insurance that told them where to go and who to see, a person had little choice in which dentist they could visit. HMOs and other insurance organizations laid out a small list of approved care providers, and patients had to stay within their limited network. Now, as one in three Americans does not have insurance, the race to win dental clients is on. Consumers are not so constricted by insurance companies anymore, and can choose more freely who they wish to see.

The internet is a fast growing advertising marketplace. Internet web sites offer dental practices an opportunity to set themselves apart from the rest, advertise their services, and woo prospective customers with their approachability and convenience. Dentists may create their own website for their individual practice, or may advertise with a dental directory. Dental directories, both internet or published, offer another attractive marketing solution to potential customers. Directories combine the advertising dollars of several practices to create a dazzling site or book. Prospective clients can browse through dental directories to find the practice that offers the exact combination of services they need.

Ameriplan® dental benefits takes the guess work out of dental marketing. As part of Ameriplan’s® discount dental network of providers, dentists advertise their services at prices low enough to catch the eye of the most practical client. Without the hassle of insurance middle men, Ameriplan® offers direct benefits to dentists involved in their registry.