Savings Testimonials

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How much money can you save with Ameriplan®? “Hi, my name is Nancy Harrison from Houston, Texas, and I’ve got to tell you, I’ve saved a tremendous amount with AmeriPlan®: over $2400 on bridgework for my son, over $3000 on dental work that I personally needed, and over $400 on vision care. It’s been a fantastic plan for me.”

“Hi, I have a responsibility for a handicapped man who takes three powerful maintenance drugs and, after getting him on our mail order program, were able to save over $2500 per year.”

“I wear glasses and saved over $200 on my pair of glasses and also wear contacts and saved an additional $200 on my contacts.”

“Two weeks ago, I went to LensCrafters and saved $152 on a pair of glasses.”

“Hi, my name is Jody, and I took advantage of the AmeriPlan Chiropractic® plan, and it saved me over $450.”

“I’ve saved a lot of money with AmeriPlan®. My son’s glasses were $439 at PearleVision and I paid $229. My daughter needed braces, and I saved $1000. I had a crown, and I saved $400. Teeth cleanings and some minor dental work, and my family saved over $2000 in one year.”